Ascent Leadership Development Program

Ascent Leadership Development Program

Ascent Leadership Development ProgramAscent Leadership Development ProgramAscent Leadership Development Program

why ascent?


Launching Pad

 The story of graduating from college knowing exactly what you want to do and sticking with a career for the next 30 - 40 years is no longer the story being told. Very few college graduates know what they want to give the rest of their lives to upon graduation. The Ascent Leadership Development Program was designed with this reality in mind. The program gives high capacity, college graduates, hands on leadership experience with a top 10 brand, where they will gain a better understanding for who they are, what their passions are, and what they are capable of, all while working to further develop their leadership toolkit. It is the hope of the Ascent Program to help make our leaders the absolute best versions of themselves possible, so that they are ready to launch into whatever opportunities present themselves in their future.  

About The Program

Looking Past the Sandwich


The Ascent  Leadership Development Program is an invitation into a skill set, it is not a fast food job.  This post-graduate, 2 year experiential learning experience, will guide leaders into discovering and gaining confidence in some of the most valuable skills of the 4th Industrial Revolution and prepare them to become high level leaders and agents of change in whichever industry they pursue. Spending a short season with us, after graduation, will help propel them past their peers and into spheres of influence they would struggle to attain without this foundation.

What will I learn?


In serving as a senior level leader and decision maker, the Ascent Leader will develop a toolkit of impactful leadership tools, job and self-management skills most valuable in todays economy, and real world leadership experience in marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, vision casting, impacting communities, systems and processes, solving problems, developing their platform, and more as the manage multi-million dollar budgets and lead teams of more than 60 people. 

Who will I work for?


As an Ascent Leader, you will be working directly with, and being personally mentored by, a Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator who serves as the CEO of their business. Chick-fil-A is a Top 10 Brand that continues to dominate the industry in Hospitality, Sales, and Innovation.

The leadership toolkit: the tools you'll add and learn

The Skillset

Program benefits



Ascent Leaders are paid $50,000 a year while in the program. In addition to pay, our Ascent Leaders are provided with the following benefits: Free Chick-fil-A, development credit to use in any way they want to further their unique development, health benefits, paid time off, and various other perks unique to each location.



Each Ascent Leader comes in to the program with a community of other Ascent Leaders in the same restaurant they are working in, as well as other Chick-fil-A restaurants participating in the Ascent program. This team based approach creates an environment where the Ascent leader is not alone as they make decisions and lead a large team. Having instant community means there are others who understand the emotions and perspectives of being the leader everyone looks up to.

Development Benefits


In addition to financial benefits and community, Ascent Leaders are given the opportunity to make decisions, make mistakes, develop and utilize their platform, build their leadership toolkit, attain 8 of the top 10 most valuable skills of the 4th Industrial Revolution, be personally mentored by the owner of the business, impact the community the restaurant resides in, develop the people around them, network with other high caliber leaders, and more!

Featured Ascent Leader Bio's

Jessica Woodrell


Oklahoma State University

2017 Graduate HRAD Major

Jenna Dyke


Oklahoma State University

2017 Graduate HRAD Major

Laura Schorn


Kansas State University

2016 Graduate HRM Major

Caiden Dontanville


University of Colorado

2019 Graduate Business Administration

Sam Rump


Oklahoma State University

2017 Graduate Marketing and Sports Management

Nicholaos Siauw


University of Colorado

2010 Graduate Business Administration

Public Speaking Opportunities

Are you interested in having the Ascent Leadership Program founders, Joe Weber and Matt Williams, come speak to your class or student group about Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Culture, or more? If so, contact us below!

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